Posted by: binaman | February 25, 2008

Workshop Employee Retention Strategies : Fighting Turnover

Senin – Selasa, 31 Maret – 1 April, 2008, pukul 09:00 – 16:00 WIB
Ibis Hotel Slipi/Menara Peninsula Hotel

Workshop Description
Employee turnover is a silent killer of business productivity—yet it’s a solvable problem. Learn new ways to actively engage employees on all levels and build a culture of employee retention with long-term payoffs.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify why your employees join, stay and leave
  • Learn key metrics that will help build internal allies in your fight against turnover
  • Drive employee retention with goals and accountabilities for all leaders, including first-line supervisors
  • Calculate the business and financial costs of losing talented employees and quantify the value of keeping them
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s current employee retention strategies
  • Develop employee retention strategies that go beyond pay, benefits and recognition programs to create a culture of competency and commitment
  • Build concrete plans that can be immediately implemented in your organization


  • The Urgent Need for Retention
    • Recognize the Trends That Indicate a Looming “Retention Crisis”
    • Calculate the Cost of Employee Turnover in Your Organization
    • Distinguish the Key Differences Between the Reasons People Join Organizations and the Reasons People Leave
    • Develop a Plan for Communicating the Urgent Need for Retention to the Leaders of Your Organization
    • Examine the Long-Term Benefits of Retaining Top Talent
    • Discover the Risks and Opportunities That Contribute to the “Zone of Retention”
  • Moving from Turnover to Retention
    • Set a Goal for Reducing Turnover and Enlist Your Organizational Leadership in Achieving That Goal
    • Identify and Address the Organizational Issues That Contribute to Turnover in Your Organization
    • Benchmark Best Practices for Addressing the Job Issues That Contribute to Turnover
    • Examine How to Strengthen Your Existing Leadership Initiatives Toward Improved Retention
    • Recognize the Competencies Leaders Must Demonstrate to Retain Talent
  • Retention and Engagement
    • Identify the Barriers That Prevent an Organization from Achieving High Retention and Engagement
    • Consider Goals for Increasing Engagement in the Organization and Enlist Your Leadership in Achieving That Goal
    • Examine the Ten Leadership Competencies That Contribute to Retention and Engagement
    • Determine How to Incorporate Leadership Retention-Engagement Competencies as Part of a Leadership Initiative
    • Educate and Involve Team Members in Organizational Retention Strategies
    • Practice Engaging in a Peer-to-Peer Retention Conversation
  • Application
    • Review the Retention Roadmap
    • Integrate the Communication Plan Messages You Have Been Developing
    • Develop a Retention-Engagement Plan and Communicate It in a Way That Motivates Your Organizational Leadership to Support It

Who Should Attend?
HR professionals, training and OD managers, operations leaders, sales leaders and other talent management stakeholders interested in improving employee retention.

Investasi : Rp 2.950.000,-
Include : Lunch, 2x Coffee Break, Modul, CD Modul, & Certificate Of Accomplishment

Course Leader

Pungki Purnadi, MM
Memiliki sertifikasi HR Management dari Filipina dan telah memiliki pengalaman sebagai profesional HR di beberapa industri selama lebih dari 15 tahun. Selama karirnya di HR berbagai posisi pernah diembannya seperti Head of Training & Develoment, Head of Corporate Man Power Planing, Head of Corporate Career Development, Head of Corporate Organisation Development and Studies, HRD Manager, serta Senior Human Capital Manager. Termasuk di dalamnya beberapa penugasan International dan regional. Pengalaman yang lengkap di dunia praktek HR ini di-‘genap’-kan dengan pengalamannya sebagai trainer dan HR consultant untuk berbagai industri seperti tobaccos, power plant, telecommunication, pulp & paper dan tourism.

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